Newsletter No. 138: Measures against COVID-19-related bankruptcies adopted
by Dominik Hohler and Thiemo Sturny
April 2020

Corona-Krise – Teilsuspendierung von Art. 725 OR (Konkursanmeldungspflicht), COVID-19-Stundung und weitere Massnahmen zur Vermeidung von Konkursen  
by Urs Schenker
April 2020

Kredite mit Bundesgarantie zur Erhaltung der Liquidität schweizerischer Unternehmen in der Corona-Krise  
by Urs Schenker
April 2020

Heads up - The Swiss Government has announced measures to prevent a wave of bankruptcies as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.
by Dominik Hohler and Thiemo Sturny
April 2020

Newsletter No. 135: The Swiss Government declares a nation-wide standstill of

deadlines for debt collection proceedings 

March 2020

Restructuring & Insolvency - Chapter Switzerland
by Christoph Stäubli and Dominik Hohler
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Restructuring & Insolvency - Chapter Switzerland
by Christoph Stäubli and Dominik Hohler
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London 2019, pp. 435-449

Collocation and opposition actions under the SchKG
An introduction and overview for the practice
by: Alexander Brunner, Mark A. Reutter, Zeno Schönmann, Philip Talbot
3rd edition, 200 pages, Berne, February 2019

Newsletter Special Edition: Switzerland: Good News on Cross-Border Insolvencies
by: Christoph StäubliDominik Hohler and Michael Cartier
December 2018

The acknowledgement of debt according to
art. 17 Swiss Code of Obligations within the framework of the factoring agreement. An independent, legally valid and enforceable claim?
by: Bastian Heinel and Theodor Härtsch
in: "Gesellschafts- und Kapitalmarktrecht (GesKR)", 3/2018, S. 287 ff. September 2018

Granting of Upstream- and Crossstream-Guarantees
by: Markus Vischer
in: "Expert Focus" 8/2018, pp. 597-601

Corporate Reorganisations - Chapter Switzerland
by: Urs P. GnosDominik Hohler and Markus Vischer
in: "Getting the Deal Through" June 2018, pp. 63-66

Is a financially sound Swiss subsidiary allowed to participate in a foreign US court debtor in possession restructuring proceeding?
by: Christoph Stäubli and Dominik Hohler
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Restructuring & Insolvency - Chapter Switzerland
by: Christoph Stäubli and Dominik Hohler
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Restructuring & Insolvency - Chapter Switzerland
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Judgement Reviews, 3.2.4. Stock Corporation Law: The Better or the Least Bad Shareholder?
co-authored by: Pascal Zysset and Markus Vischer
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Enforceability of a pledge in connection with Madoff claw back claims
by: Fabian D. Glässer
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Trading in distressed debt in Swiss insolvency proceedings: restriction of information appropriate?
co-authored by: Dominik Hohler and Christoph Stäubli
in: "Business Restructuring & Insolvency 2017", Third Edition 2017, pp. 101-103